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Special Guests


Bill Diamond of Bill Diamond Productions will be making a special guest appearance.   Bill’s extensive resume includes FRAGGLE ROCK, SESAME STREET, THE MUPPET SHOW, many of the MUPPET movies, THE DARK CRYSTAL and LABYRINTH.  He is the creator of BILL DIAMOND’S MONSTER TV, the executive producer of the new THE AURORA MONSTERS: THE MODEL CRAZE THAT GRIPPED THE WORLD documenatary DVD and AFTER HOURS.

Bill did all of the make-up and creature designs for THE CELLAR, which will kick off this year’s Hudson Horror Show.

Copies of both MONSTER TV and THE AURORA MONSTERS: THE MODEL CRAZE THAT GRIPPED THE WORLD DVDs will be available for purchase.

For more information about Bill Diamond Productions visit:

Bill Diamond Productions

Monster TV Network


Tad Leger is the former drummer of Toxik and producer of the new Toxik DVD “Think Again”.  The DVD will be available for purchase at the show.

Tad is the current Graphic designer for Grindhouse Releasing and the co-founder of the Hudson Horror Show.

Purchase TOXIK: THINK AGAIN online at


Local Independent Horror Filmmaker Glen Baisley from Light & Dark Productions will be a special guest at the upcoming Hudson Horror Show.   His new short film, THE CELLAR, will kick off the Hudson Horror Show.  The short was shot specifically for the show and will be followed by THE SOUND OF SILENCE, a short story taken from THE TENEMENT.  In addition, Hudson Horror will be screening a special sneak preview of his forthcoming movie, FAIRVIEW FALLS.

THE TENEMENT’s “RELLIK” will be there for photo opportunities.

Glen has been featured in the Poughkeepsie Journal, The New York Times, Fangoria Magazine, Uncut Magazine, on internet radio and on News Channel 12.  He has won three awards for his films and is distributed in over a dozen countries.  His movie THE TENEMENT can be found on NetFlix.

Fangoria Magazine said that the special edition of FEAR OF THE DARK “gets the star treatment this time around.  Everything is superior in this version, from the opening sequence to the credits.  The special FX are what truly make this film worth watching.  It is an all-around entertaining experience.” said “THE TENEMENT is the kind of DVD that makes most other special editions curl up in the fetal position and weep.” said SINS OF THE FATHER is “Natural born Killers meets Bundy”.

For more information about Light & Dark Productions visit:


Dr.  Kim Paffenroth is a professor of Religious Studies at Iona College.  His zombie work includes GOSPEL OF THE LIVING DEAD: GEORGE ROMERO’S VISIONS OF HELL ON EARTH (Baylor, 2006), which won the Bram Stoker Award, and DYING TO LIVE: A NOVEL OF LIFE AMONG THE UNDEAD (Permuted/Pocket Books, 2010).

Kim will be on hand to discuss his latest work, meet fans and autograph copies of his book that will be available for purchase at Hudson Horror Show.

Visit his blog at:


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