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HHS News/Info

If you haven’t heard, Hudson Horror Show #15 will take place at the South Hills Cinema 8 in Poughkeepsie, NY on Saturday, May 20th, 2017.  Doors open early at 10:30AM.  We’ll have six movies, all off 35mm film.  In no particular order:

1) MYSTERY MOVIE (not a horror movie)



5) PIRANHA (1978)


Advance tickets are just $38.00 for the all day show and those tickets go on sale this Sunday, February 26th at 10 AM sharp.  You can purchase them only at  We expect another sell out, so get your tickets early!

Remember, we have two different screening rooms in the same theater running the movies, theater #1 and theater #6.  Both rooms will watch all six movies, just in a different order.  You will need to decide which theater you want to watch movies in and buy tickets for that theater.  There is no switching of theaters allowed, sorry.  Once seats for a particular theater are sold out (#6 always sells out first), then you will have to buy seats for whatever theater remains.

As usual, the lobby at the South Hills 8 theater will be packed to the gills with vendors selling t-shirts, DVD’s, toys, posters and so much more.  Interested in being a vendor?  Send us an email to  Tickets are not needed to shop the vendor’s area, but you will need a ticket to watch the movies.

If you haven’t heard, we are presenting our March Madness triple feature at the Alamo Drafthouse in Yonkers, NY.  On March 25th it’s a “through the decades” triple shot of THE VAMPIRE LOVERS (seventies), IT CAME WITHOUT WARNING (eighties) and a 25th’s anniversary screening of CANDYMAN (nineties)!  The tickets are just $15.00 and are almost gone!  We’ve sold 90% of the tickets already!  Grab your tickets while you can at

Who needs a new black T-shirt for their collection?  We’ve got a new limited edition, non-show specific T-shirt that is now available for pre-order.  The shirt is two sided and is available to be pre-ordered for just a measly $12.00 (for small to XL) at  If you aren’t up on your classic death metal, the shirt is a spoof of a famous shirt by the band Morbid Angel!  You can pre-order the shirt and pick it up at either the Yonkers show or the Poughkeepsie show.  But we aren’t mailing the shirts, so only pre-order a shirt if you plan to pick it up in person!  Pre-order your t-shirt through March 1st at 11:59 PM.

Remember, tickets go on sale on for Hudson Horror Show #15 on Sunday February 26th at 10 AM.  We expect them to go really fast, so grab your tickets when you can at!







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